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Bug Report: Random Restarts on the Instinct HD


Bug Report: Random Restarts on the Instinct HD

It's happened a few times, but I wonder how many times this has really happened, because I rarely catch it.

The phone just randomly restarts, happened just now while listening to music on the music player, but I doubt that's what caused it, because it's

happened while ending phone calls, closing the web, or just sitting there with the screen off doing nothing.

Just restarts.

Any Ideas?  My wife's phone has done it once that I noticed, but since our screens shut off at a certain time limit, it's hard to tell how many times it's done this, unless you just see it happen.

Anyone else catchin this?

Edited: Probably unrelated, but I don't see original Instinct M800 used to do this before a M.R. corrected it...think that's what's happening now?

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Yeah I had this happen to me this weekend...I was in the middle of a text message when it just rebooted out of no where. Its only happened to me once that I know of although my phone has shut down on me before and I always though I might have done it by accident when I set it down....but now I'm starting to wonder....

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