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Disappearing photos on Instinct??


Disappearing photos on Instinct??

The first time it happened I thought it was a flukey glitch. It has now happened four time in two weeks. What the heck is going on and how do I fix it? I call sprint they say they have never heard of that happening. I look online and It's everywhere lately. I have had 2 different instincts since it came out. It has never happened before now. Please HELP!


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Re: Disappearing photos on Instinct??

This has been reported since the launch of the phone, It is best to back up your photos as soon as possible to avoid losing them, Upload them to your Picmail account at and download them to your pc. There are "Data Recovery" programs available for free(Google search for one) that will allow you to recover those photos off your card, Download one and plug your sd card into a card reader and it will find them, Do it before you start using your card or you will risk losing them forever. Funny how after 18 months Sprint is still denying these issues with the Instinct. Appalling!!!!

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