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Does anyone know when the instinct is going to get any new apps ?


Re: Does anyone know when the instinct is going to get any new apps ?

I'm not ready to write off the Instinct appsjustyet, because we've got the s30 and a future Instinct on the horizon. I do also think with the open API's, many apps would only require a minor tweak to make it "just work." Plus we do got the guys at More Solutions,, and a few others who will be getting their game on when the API's are released to development. Plus all the guys posting apps at will be looking at this and making changes to make it "just work."

I know all of us have been very bullish on Sprint with very good reason. I've been blogging both positive and negative on this phone. People are talking.These apps will not really have much to do with Sprint but other developers. So the best I can say is a word nobody wants to hear.


Nothing can be done until the update in late May or whenever its released. Until then, the Instinct is what it is. I've actually been making good with what apps I can find.

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