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Email issues.


Email issues.

For some strange reason, I'm not getting my emails in a prompt and timely manner. I don't know why but it just seems like lately, the email isn't updating fast enough. I've had days of emails in my account, that my phone simply did not register at all. I had to clear them all out via web browser.

Also, on my gmail account, I'm getting a mysterious S7123 error. How long we Instinct users been complaining about the email servers and service? I'm on my 2nd Instinct and yet on both devices, we're still getting anomalous email errors. I really wish this would get fixed.

It seems like everytime we gain something useful with the Instinct, something else blows up on it. A friend of mine complained so much about his Instinct, that Sprint gave him the HTC Hero as a replacement. How about hooking me up with the same deal Sprint? Or even better a Samsung Moment? Because seriously, this has to be one of the worst mobile phones I've had the misfortune to own. Just when I started to come to terms with the device, something breaks and makes me loathe it. The sad part is Sprint has done nothing to reach out to me inorder to rectify, even though I've probably posted over 100 times about complaints about this phone.

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