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Error Message with Ringtone Downloads


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads

I am pretty fed up with my phone and the "service" I have been getting in regards to purchasing ringtones for my Samsung Instinct HD.

I have not been able to purchase ringtones for the last two months, during that time I have attempted to purchase around 8 different ringtones. All of which I have recieved error messages for. I also since then have had TWO replacment phones....TWO. And neither of these phones have been able to download ringtones. The only difference with my last phone the error messages I got said SMS ERROR- File Type unknown. That's all I ever  got when the download screen would come on my screen.

Now  I get "Sorry. The type of product that you are trying to purchase is not supported by your device."

I have talked to numerous representatives in the Tech Support department and a supervisor. NOTHING has changed in regards to my ability to buy ringtones. I CAN'T. This is ridiculous.

I've been told my phone might not be compatable with the ringtone. . How is this possible when your website knows what type of phone I have? Why was this not an issue two months ago? Why would listings to purchase ringtones not available to my phone be listed when your website knows the phone I have?

Oh, there's been a change in the website? Should that really be causing this big of an issue? I've tried TWICE-(Once while on the phone with the Tech Supervisor, the second on my own, with my replacement phone that same supervisor put a ticket in for me to replace) Each time my instinct HD downlads the content and when I push "Open" the screen in my webbrowser goes white and nothing happens. I restart my phone-check all areas I could, music/settings. The ring tone is not there.

I really need a solution to this problem-yesterday.

Is there anyone who can help me with this or give me an honest to god GOOD answer for my problem?


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads


It's been four days since this posting. Is there really no answer and we're just going to be stuck in limbo with our half working phones?


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads

So it seems all of us with these phones are stuck with a boring piece of crap phone.. =/ wow.


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads

oh to make it better i have had my phone since november, and i have been trying to get it fixed because both the phones on my account are the samsung instinct hd and my phone just shuts off goes split screen, and reboots deleting everything, and sprint wont do crap they still wont do anything!!


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads

Hello my Fellow Sprint Samsung Instinct user...Funny Story but true!

I logged into the Sprint site this evening, considering downloading the ET song by Katy Perry. I've been with Sprint now for nearly 5 years, never had such an issue.

I log in go to my content manager, go to the Ringtones, ET song, purchase.."Your phone is not compatible with this function"

Seriously? I have ringtones from last month on there that I downloaded from the Sprint site and all the sudden it's NOT WORKING?

I called and CS and Tech cannot figure it out, they want me to go get everything reset, bad customer service, I'm disappointed. Usually I never have any issues, until now with this phone.

Hopefully they find the "cure" soon!


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads

That's the ringtone I first had an issue with and when this whole  thing started!!

I couldn't download it-the very first thing I was told  was that there was an error with the ringtone & it would be removed  from the web. (that didn't happen) THEN i was told it was the ringtone  compatability with my phone..Then it was a softweare issue and they replaced my phone....but apparently no ringtone is compatable  with this freaking phone. Not even ringtones on (I emailed  them and was told directly by one of their techs that they do not  support the Samsung Instinct HD-AFTER I was told to try that website by a  sprint phone tech sup!)


I have had 3  diffrerent phones and the store near my house will not allow me to  exchange the phone for one of equal or less value- Only will replace the  SAME PHONE- And i've had all the issues you all have listed-power  cycling for no reason-freezing- all with in the first week of having my  latest replacment phone.

it sucks!


Error Message with Ringtone Downloads

Pretty much, I guess....

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