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FYI - Apparently the 30 day trial period can be extended.


FYI - Apparently the 30 day trial period can be extended.

Thought some of you might find this information useful ...

I've recently been trying to exchange my Instinct for a Diamond. I was past the 30 day trial period because I fell for the line that the "upgrade" would be out soon which would fix the issues like improving the TV playback.

While arguing with a Retention Floor Supervisor, I was told that if I had reportedmy issuesto Sprintduring the 30 day trial period, they could have extended the trial period. When I pointed out that I did report it to the people in the building with the giant "Sprint" sign on the front of it the salesperson made no mention of the possibility of an extension nor did it say anything in the literature,shesaid that that was not good enough, so make sure you're calling customer service.

Depending on who you talk to, you'll probably get different stories about what they are able to do. I've received about 15 different stories about the possibility of an exchange, so stick with it.

Hope someone finds the information helpful.


Re: FYI - Apparently the 30 day trial period can be extended.

I feel your pain and i feel that Sprint should do a recall on the Instinct and send it back to Samsung so that they can fix the phone because this thing has toooooooooo many problems going on with it with updates that don't help all it do is make the phone even worse. Because clearly, this phone was not ready to be on the market. After the recall everyone who returned their Instinct back to Sprint should get and HTC Diamond in exchange for the inconvience. But i know thats never going to happen but good wishful thinking lol.


Man, every now and then I remember this forum and come ba...

Man, every now and then I remember this forum and come back to check and see how the Instinct is doing. I returned my phone back in August within my 30 day trial period and by reading this forum, I am so glad I did. It seem as if this phone has made absolutely no progress over the past two months. The sad thing about it, I am seeing new commercials about the phone. I went back to my TREO 755 and although it is a much older phone, it is a lot more convenient and useful than I think the Instinct will ever be.


This is true. I used to interact with cust...

This is true. I used to interact with customer service. I have all my emails saved. After a long process, which included taking my phone in to be tested, Sprint is shipping me the HTC Touch Pro today to replace my Instinct. I can't wait to have a phone that works! By the way, when I took my phone into the Store to be tested, the Store tried to charge me $35.00 for the testing fee because I didn't buy insurance. I refused to pay it and told them that insurance covers accidents, not products that are broken out of the box. They eventually agreed and came around to my point of view. I paid nothing for the testing. Hang in there and keep pushing them to get you a phone that works. Oh, and I have had my Instinct since August. Thankfully, I will only have to deal with it until Wednesday!


Re: This is true. I used to interact with cust...

How did you do this? What problems were you having? I am getting frustrated with my instinct, which I got at the end of August, but thought I was SOL since I didn't have a few hundred bucks to drop on another phone.

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