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First Instinct Update Released July 30th


Don't do it. The update sucks!! I can't get to my account...

Don't do it. The update sucks!! I can't get to my account. And my phones resets and/or locks up when I go to a website. Nice Quality Control sprint. I think we should revolt. they can't possibly hold us to the 30 days. It's not good business sense. I want downgrade. Yes the internet is faster, but who cares when it crashes your phone.


Re: Hello sprint, please please please to screw up the gps na...

<blockquote><hr>TonyBravo wrote:<br>sprint please please please don't use slide to unlock. hahaha. seriously, it's not that great i preffer my button. Smiley Happy<br><br>if slide to unlock where to become available i would hope/think it's a 3rd party app.Cause some of us are very happy with our button pressing.<br><hr></blockquote><p></p><p>I've seen most people post that they want a slider to unlock. This is how I would like it to work, Press hardware button once screen comes on with a slider to unlock but this slider would have to be customizable so people can place it vertical/horizontal and basically anywhere on the screen. Right now the Press+Hold is getting annoying and to some they end up turning the phone off which is a PAIN!</p>

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