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For once customers first


For once customers first

I have never posted anything on any forum but feel like I should this time. There are a lot of complaints about the Instinct, Sprints customer service, and Sprints technical support. I work in the technology industry and know firsthand companies stretch the reality of what a product can do in order to get you excited and get the profits to stay in business.When they have you they worry about consequences when they arise.

Technology companies purposely hold back features because they want you to buy the next version of their product. If they made the product do everything you want then they cannot continue to profit with the next rev. Apple, Microsoft and Antivirus companies are perfect examples of this practice. The iPhone is good but its also limited on purpose. No 3G then a year later 3G. Next year will probably have voice commands, etc

I know for a fact Sprints customer service and technical support is EXCELLENT if youre lucky enough to talk to an American. If you get service or support in India good luck, the support is horrendous. Will is also doing an excellent job (trust me) I know the position hes in. He wants whats best for us and for Sprint.

What I would like to see in order toreduce the constant and redundant complaining is for Sprint to simply do the following:

1. Post somewhere (perhaps make a Sprint Only Update Status thread to keep us informed of pending changes) that Sprint is aware of the bugs/problems with the Instinct and is working on solving each issue. We dont need an exact date but need to know at least a range and thatSprintis committed to solving each one. If you get specific and dont meet that date people start complaining as you know.

2. Fix the major real issues first (Sprint knows what they really are) and let the minor things like updating the pay services go to the back burner. I know this is hard for Sprint but for once put the consumer first and not the profits.

3. Reassure Instinct owners they will not be left out in the cold when the new fancier HTC and Blackberry phones come out and everyone would be happy.

I know profits are always first Sprint but you can become a leader here in showing the technology sector you can make a profit and keep your customers happy at the same time.

Sorry for being too wordy but I want the complaints tosubside along with the Instinct fixed and the only way to do that is for Sprint to become proactive in keeping the consumer properly updated/informed and fix the issues.

Thanks for helpingWill.


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