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GOOD GRIEF! This browser is horrendous.


Re: GOOD GRIEF! This browser is horrendous.

@CyberData4 wrote:

Yea, my phone WAS working great prior to the update. Webpages loaded slow, but w/e. As long as they loaded, I didn't mind. I figured I could deal with it until opera mini compatibility was in.

But now damned near ANY site I visit, save for youtube, crashes near the end of loading. I'm not bothing to reset the phone as I heard this doesn't work for very long.

I just want a sprint rep to say the following: "We're aware of the issue, and a software fix *IS* in the works" Just sucks when we don't hear anything for weeks.

They are and have been aware of the issue and a fix is in the works and is to be released in early August. The update we received was not the update for the browser so it wouldn't have fixed the problem. With the amount of topics in this forum it's going to be nearly impossible to post in every single topic. So look around in similar posts and you'll probably find they have already addressed the issue(s) in question.

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