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GPS Navigation is fixed. thank you sprint, Telenav!!


Re: I just got the update and now my telenav freezes up every...

Thanks for the fix, Kepates. My Instinct navigator was freezing up and eventually going to my contact list, after a Sprint service area message. You have saved me lots of time by not having to call about it...Thanks again!!

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Re: GPS Navigation is fixed. thank you sprint, Telenav!!

I have to admit that the improvements by Telenav and Sprint really have made the GPS Navigation absolutely praiseworthy. I was out on a trip when I needed help.

With my only issues being the lack of towers in parts of Texas, the GPS Nav worked great based upon the GPS information it had. I was able to require data signals and get back home very easily thanks to Telenav. Just the Sprint Navigation saving my behind on many occassions, has made me rethink my choice in the Instinct. It is definitely the most redeeming part of the Samsung Instinct.

Although I still loathe Sprint for not nurturing this device as best as they could, the GPS is definitely one of the success stories here. Kudos Sprint and Telenav.

Now we need Sprint to get some more towers out there and this will be a very sweet service.

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