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GPS, weak signal


GPS, weak signal

When I'm outside in my yard facing South or any direction, the GPS reports too weak a signal. Trees are a least 50 feet from where I am standing. I can go to the sprint corp store and get a GPS signal inside the building. Does signal strength to the nearest tower affect the GPS Nav app? I have one bar outside my house.


Re: GPS, weak signal

The quick answer is yes. Read here for more info. I am also almost certain that you need cell service to use the gps on our phones. I was in a large field with no cell service or trees and tried to use my gps. My phone reported that I had a weak signal and needed a clearer view of the sky. I assume this is because the gps on our phones is designed to be used in tandom with the navigation feature which gets it's maps via a cell signal so without the maps the gps would be somewhat pointless. That is unless someone created an app that could use the gps to store waypoints and provide directions to them.

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