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Geotag Images / Video?


Geotag Images / Video?

I noticed that although the Instinct clearly has the hardware to facilitate geotagging images / videos (I'm mostly concerned about the still images), but it currently does not write the location into the EXIF data. I'm curious if this is on the radar at all for the Instinct development team, and/or if it can be added through a third-party add-on?

On a related note, is integrated support for uploading to Flickr or Picasa coming? I can send SMS messages to these services easily, so the integrated support isn't nearly as much of a desire as the geotagging, but it would save me time to avoid having to geotag my photos after upload!

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Re: Geotag Images / Video?

Yes, please add this feature to Instinct. iPhone 3G will have this feature.

I would also like to see support for Loopt in Instinct. For more information, go to:

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