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HD Rebooting Itself


HD Rebooting Itself

Anyone else having this issue when sending pictures through email...i did not have my data cable with me this weekend and was sending pictures through email but at least every 5th picture the Phone would reboot itself......anyone who has an HD knows that rebooting this phone takes FOREVER so this was quite frustrating.  Just wondering if im all alone on this one or if other people are having this issue as well.


Re: HD Rebooting Itself

Nope...your not alone...

Been having issues with not being able to open facebook, i.m., cnn, live search lately...and I finally after 3 zillion soft resets got everything up and running, so I left everything running in the backround ( haha, not gonna get a handler error now, right???.....Wrong )

Listening to my music, in the middle of a song, using my bluetooth.....reboot....

ugh...this phone is really something of a all the handler errors are back.  Good times, good times

No, your not don't have to be sending pics for the reboot to happen...apparently keeping the phone on is all you need to do...

The phone will do the rest


Re: HD Rebooting Itself

well its been awhile so I expect them push out another update soon, not that its going to address any of the things we repeat over and over again on this forum but i do expect something soon.  I thought for sure they would at least keep Opera Mobile up to date!!!!!   Oh well, the EVO sounds quite promising and I await its release even though i have to wait 10 more months before i can upgrade again and thats only cause im a "premier" customer so they say. 

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