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?HELP? How to Activate my Instinct ?HELP?


?HELP? How to Activate my Instinct ?HELP?

Hi, Well me and my bro got a Instinct for christmas. The guy told us that all we have to do is turn the phone on and it will be activated. So i turned my phone on and nothing happend. My bro turned his phone on and his got activated but mine did not. So i would turn it off and wait a while then turn it back on, but still nothing. I tried calling customer support but of course it is christmas and they are not open.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: ?HELP? How to Activate my Instinct ?HELP?



Sorry you are having this problem - but you're not alone.  We have a system outage causing issues performing ESN swaps online for devices that are programmed over the air.  Customers are receiving error "Data is currently unavailable.  Please try again later."  Customers must call Care to complete the swap.


The system ticket number is 7431545 we're working full speed to get this resolved.  Until then, you can call care from a different phone the number is 888-211-4727.


Congratulations on your new phone, and I sure hope you'll be able to get it activated soon.

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DON'T activate this piece of crap. Worst phone ever. Bugs...

DON'T activate this piece of crap. Worst phone ever. Bugs, broken headphone jack, *bleep*ty camera, music player shuts down phone, tv is crap, email is an abismal, cheap scratchy screen. Good luck.


Great phone! None of those issues here.

Great phone! None of those issues here.

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