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HTC Touch


HTC Touch

I have the instinct and I have a few more days before my 30 days are up...... I am happy with it so far with the exception of my TV.. that sucks and really can't use it...... So I know I have heard of others on here that have a touch or is getting one....... So here is the question.....

I love the instinct when it comes to the phone and the way I can manage my calls and history and I love the voice call..... another big one is the visual voice mail.......

So does the touch handle phone calls as good as the instinct?



My friend works for Sprint and just got his, I am in the...

My friend works for Sprint and just got his, I am in the same boat with the 30 days (have some time) and I also love my Instinct. Biggest difference I saw so far is that the resolution is better (smaller screen though) on the Touch, it is a Windows Mobile Device (not a fan of, too utilitarian for my needs) since it is a smartphone, no Live Search (that I could see), obviously the QWERTY keyboard that slides out etc. From hands on, it is a brick compared to the Instinct. Thicker (b/c of slide out keyboard) and smaller. Windows Mobile has been buggy. I like the multimedia functions on the Instinct, whereas Touch is better if you sync your outlook and calendar etc, use it as a work device (like a Blackberry). I am seeing him tomorrow and going to mess with the web and other functions, since his is the only phone I might consider other than the Instinct (before my 30 days are up).


Re: HTC Touch

I've had both and liked the Touch better. It doesn't have a slideout keyboard as the second post mentioned it's all touch screen. You'll find yourself using the stylus a lot more though.

TV works fine, not as pixelated and choppy looking as the Instinct. The web browser on the latest update (opera 8.65) puts the instinct browser in the grave. Plus of course you have tons of third party browsers to choose from.. opera mobile 9.5, iris torch mobile, skyfire, and netfront among others..

Comes with instant messaging capabilities which the Instinct doesn't have. And lots of 3rd party IM clients..

Games and apps are available by the THOUSANDS both free and pay. Just about any type of application or game you can imagine is available on windows mobile.

I like the way the interface looks on the Instinct better, seems a lot smoother and is easier to use. The Touch is windows mobile but once you get used to it, it's really easy and you can do things you'll never be able to do on an instinct. (Even simple things like send an instant message!!)

If you can afford it I'd say go for the Diamond though. It's everything the Touch was and more. The VGA screen looks beautiful (thus TV looks great too), better camera, lots of memory, Opera Mobile 9.5 for a great web browsing experience.. has to be the best sprint phone I've owned. (and I've been through almost all of them)

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