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Having problems with gmail guest notifications


Having problems with gmail guest notifications

I have a samsung intercept.  I am using gmail calendar for a family calendar.  We all have the same phones, intercepts.  If I add an appointment to my calendar it works the notifications fine.  I have my family members as guest on the calendar.  They have gmail accounts too.  They see the calendar and everything syncs well, they just don't get the correct notifications.  They either go off when you add the event or they don't go off at all.  Has anyone dad any problems with this and has a fix.  I am using pop-up notifications.  Thanks for any help!


Re: Having problems with gmail guest notifications


you are really getting some awesome responses from the community.  How jackass is it that Sprint keeps forcing this kind of crap onto their users.  Its like they want to be hip, modern, cool, or whatever is popular these days by offering the latest trends of open source like Android, but then they constantly go an screw their customers over with this kind of crap and forcing you to have nfl and nascar crap on your phone.  Kickbacks suck and this kind of 'closed' open source development sucks.

I have been with sprint for 12 years, but if they keep this crap up, I leaving.  I bought my family android phones because they are open source, not sprint source.

to answer your question, there is nothing you can do without hacking the code on a rooted phone

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