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How do I move my pics to the memory card?


How do I move my pics to the memory card?

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Re: How do I move my pics to the memory card?

Several ways you could use media manager although from what I've heard it's not easy to set up. The fastest way to get pics on the memory card is to take out the microSD put it in the SD adapter and transfer your pics to the SD directly from your computer. Pics MUST go in this folder set up.

Inside root make a folder called DCIM make Second Folder(can be named what you'd like) inside DCIM and put your pics inside that second folder. Now you can create how ever many folders inside DCIM to organize pics just make sure they are inside that secondary folder(s) or it won't see the pics.

Edit: Also forgot to mention. If you don't have an SD card slot in you computer you can plug up the USB data cable that came with the phone to your computer and this will bring up the memory card shown as a removable disk.

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