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How do you use your navigation


How do you use your navigation

i understand how to use it but is there a phone mount like regular navigation systems that i can place on the dashboard

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Re: How do you use your navigation

RAM Mounts has several solutions including magnetic, belt clip and a grippy thing that holds it from the side.


Part numbers inlcude:






You can also look through their mounts at:

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Re: How do you use your navigation

Now all we need is a low profile, 90 degree charger cable, similar to the 90 degree SATA cables, that we can use with those types of mounts. Looks allot cleaner when the cable runs along the side of the phone and mount then the standard, straight in connectors which stick out too far to be practical. I kept mine mounted below the dash to avoid glare, I can't count how many times on other phones I snagged the cable while reaching for a dash knob or something because it stuck straight out fro mthe phone rather then being stream lined.

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