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Typing the word microbrew in text messages lock up device on the Samsung Instinct

Reprovisioned NAI may be corrupted by device on the Samsung Instinct

User Can't Access Data Applications on the Samsung Instinct

Applications may loose data connectivity after idle on the Samsung Instinct

Customer may experience slow response or service unavailability on the Samsung Instinct

Issue with sending a 2 min video to another carrier on the Samsung Instinct

Wireless backup to Mobile Sync not working on the Samsung Instinct

Mobile Sync times out with large address books on the Samsung Instinct

User Guide is not included in the box on the Samsung Instinct

Phone as Modem not supported on the Samsung Instinct

Customers that are on Individual Liable and Corporate Liable accounts with Integrated Office or Converged services will not be able to keep these services if they swap to an Instinct device. Please note this currently impacts a total of 65,000 customers.

Sprint Mobile Sync MySprint headers missing on the Samsung Instinct

Customer receives the "Phone Off" message when the Instinct is connected to the computer using the USB data cable. While the device is connected, all calls will go straight to voicemail and missed calls will not be recorded in the call history.

Customers may experience intermittent quality issues while using the TV application on the Samsung Instinct. They may observe slow channel changes, slow player launching, and pixilated images during streaming.

Some websites will not recognize Instincts web browser as capable of handling PC formatted versions of a site on the Samsung Instinct

But hey, its a heluva nice looking paper weight!

Message Edited by jebus on 09-16-2008 10:54 PM


I got a A-DATA 8GB SDHC class 6 microSD card for $35 from Works great. Also came with a SD and miniSD adapter.

Message Edited by ARob1979 on 09-17-2008 10:29 AM

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