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Improvements instinct needs and problems that Im having


Improvements instinct needs and problems that Im having

Problems.... 1 The usb charger goes from red to orange and back to red in about 10-15 min interval. 2 The phone freezes at times, randomly. Sometimes I'm able to turn it off and take the batt. out and wait few minutes and put back togather to turn on, then it works fine. But sometimes its wont even let me turn it off, and someone calls me then it unfreeses itself and it works fine. 3 Unable to initiate network connection error with code S7111 or S7112 theres one more but forgot the specific code. IMprovements the phone needs... 1 Should be able to move files into memory card, Like picture downloads. 2 Should be able to assign a ringtone for email, instead of just vibrating. 3 Should be able to have a Wallpaper on the main screen and have 4 icons Favs, Main, Fun, Web instead of showing the list of option for the selection and no wall paper. 4 Should be able to lock my files, like pics videos, ect.., even the M520 has this function. 5 Should have the emotion icons available for text.


They also need a better signal, better radio (able to use...

They also need a better signal, better radio (able to use with key lock), play with and edit photos ( crop, rotate, etc). and they really really need third person applications ( i know they are coming but they are ahving a contest for it first, jsut pick some *bleep*hole and get *bleep* moving. They got the money and man power. My long time friend is a computer programmer and i know it dosent take that long to make some small program for a phone. Ive seen him design programs for huge corporations in less time than its taking sprint to fix stuff.

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