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Instinct HD-Getting the videos onto youtube


Instinct HD-Getting the videos onto youtube

I am thinking about buying this phone to primarily just make phone calls and take pics & videos but would like to know if i can get the videos it takes onto YouTube. I am only going to have the basic phone plan as i don't send text messages and i cannot afford to have the web on my cell phone. Without mentioning anything about uploading videos, the guy at the sprint store claims the phone needs some web service plan just to work or something- i don't really believe this guy and am not going back to this store again.

Anyway, can i transfer the videos it takes to my PC via the proper usb cable, and might they then upload to YouTube?

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Re: Instinct HD-Getting the videos onto youtube

Yes, You can post your videos to youtube, But in order to activate it, You will be required to have one off the all inclusive data plans, The cheapest one offered that will work on it is the "Everything Data 450" for $69.99 p/m.

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