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Instinct HD- Turned off and will not come back on


Instinct HD- Turned off and will not come back on

I thought maybe my battery ran down while I was listening to music at work, when my phone turned off completely. When I got home & plugged it in to its charger- nothing happened. Usually the image of a battery chargine and the words "Charging . . . " show up.

I've tried to take the battery out and then back in & turning it on while on the charger and even off of it. Still nothing.

Ever since I had a hard re-set done on my phone because of freezing issues and calls occuring when I was not dialing anyone, I hav had a lot more problems than just the random freezing that was happening.



I'm sorry to  hear  about  the phone not responding at all. We  suggest to  get the phone and the charger to a service and repair center ASAP  .  Please  visit  on line @ .



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