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Instinct HD Wish-List


Instinct HD Wish-List

Hopefully developers will tackle this for us in hopes of better days with our phone.  Here's my list so far

1. Overclock the processor...this will help in the overall speed of the phone, I.E.- start up, app loading, etc.  Right now it's too slow...

2. it another name, that's what every one else is doing, but give us this technology

3. Opera Mobile 10 w/ we can watch videos on websites rather than through the Sprint tv nobody is willing to improve

4. Pandora - Please rework for compatibility with our phone. A brew version is already available, why isn't it compatible with our phone?...

5. Undo the issue with not being able to download and install ringers from certain websites, this isn't China, fix it.

6. A real Youtube app

7.. Start letting us know what is being updated when updates become available, why make us guess what you did, let us know.

That's it from me.....what's your wishlist?


Re: Instinct HD Wish-List

Great list goygacon! Also, FIX the tv app DELETING one favorite EVERYTIME we try and open our tv app! And READ the 18 PAGES of suggestions for improvements that YOU GUYS PURPOSELY PUT UP so you could LISTEN and FIX the PROBLEMS we're HAVING on the HD and FIX THOSE PROBLEMS!!! I have to admit, I was STUNNED when we had 17 PAGES WRITTEN of things to fix over the course of 4 months, and the upgrade FINALLY came out, and NOT ONE PROBLEM WAS FIXED!!! The ONLY problems you guys fixed, NOBODY EVEN NOTICED!!! EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM we have IS STILL HERE and we get absolutely NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER about them FROM ANYONE!!! What the heck is THAT supposed to be?!!!


Re: Instinct HD Wish-List

turn it into an android phone their u go will make the instinct hd worth buying.


Re: Instinct HD Wish-List

More to my wish list....why not, lol

buzz  ( a single vibration ) notification for incoming emails

l.e.d. blinking for missed text messages

and make Every application that is available for the Instinct M800 compatible with the M850


Re: Instinct HD Wish-List

I was told by a moderator to check this Post out and list my complaints....well, im really not into repeating whats been said so here you go Sprint, here  is the link to the discussion you requested but must of forgot about.;jsessionid=04A85BEDD4A7BD4E59E20F4BEAC0D585.app3jive1?t...

For the most recent requests I am with Goy that we need the new version of Opera Mobile and Pandora--both of which should of really been automatic. WE shouldnt have to ask for these, esp not the browser upgrade and not Pandora as it worked on the Original "iphone killer" and wouldnt be that hard to get the kinks out on this phone which is way more capable. The Web browser should be able to run in the background along with everything else instead of constantly having to reopen it if we get a call or text.  All apps should ask if we want them to run in  the background instead of it being hit or miss as it is now.

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