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Instinct Media Manager CD and Vista problem


Re: I'm definitely having a problem with installing the Media...

@CamMiller wrote:
I'm definitely having a problem with installing the Media Manager to my computer. I have Windows Vista and I can never get the application past connecting phone screen.

I had this problem when I installed the software as well. I don't remember what the on screen message said it was either "unplug the phone" or "plug the phone in"... I did the opposite of what it told me. If I remember correctly I unplugged the phone after it told me to plug it in and it worked just fine. Haven't had any problems since then.


Re: I'm definitely having a problem with installing the Media...

Thanks for your input - what actually happened to me was that my laptop immediately started running an automatic windows repair program which ran for about seven minutes then returned the message that it was unable to repair the problem. I took the laptop to Circuit City and they said there were operating system files that were actually missing and they had to re-install them to the tune of $300.00 (the laptop is only three months old - at this rate, I'll be broke after a couple years!). Has this ever happened to anyone else? Of course, I call Sprint and they say there's nothing they can do and that it couldn't possibly be the media manager software. So I get on this Sprint-sponsored forum and find all kinds of problems with that program. No wonder Sprint is rated the absolute LOWEST across the board in customer satisfaction surveysfor cell phone service providers. Can't wait for my contract to expire!!

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