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Instinct On "24" Last Night (4/6/2009)


Instinct On "24" Last Night (4/6/2009)

OK, so on last night's "24":

Tony Almeda is sneaking around the bad guys' lair and streaming realtime video of the bio weapons from his Instinct back to FBI HQ, while he is also talking to them on the same Instinct. LOL!

The main bad guy (Jon Voight) is later seen talking to the PotUS from his Instinct to a "secure line" in the White House. He also does a realtime streaming videoof his "evil face" from his Instinct to the PotUS as he is talking to her. LOL!

Hmmmm, how do I get my Instinct to do this?

And then the kicker: Right at the end of the episode - or maybe at the end of the preview for next week - the first commercial on is for the iPhone and they are toutingits myriad applications capabilities. LOL! Touche to Apple for that!


Re: Instinct On "24" Last Night (4/6/2009)

I'd like to know about this as well. I'd be appalled if Sprint did this just for kicks, and wasn't a true feature of the phone...

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