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Instinct and SERO plans


Instinct and SERO plans

I really would like to use the Samsung Instinct!! However, I have an expired SERO plan with Sprint. It's a good deal, and I don't want to part with it, but Sprint refuses to activate the Instinct without upgrading. The upgrade would require me to pay $30/ mo more and I would get the same amount of minutes and the same unlimited text and data that I already have. But, I have read online in forums and even spoke with a Sprint sales agent in the store about people with the old SERO plans getting their Instincts activated by luck or by a "nice person" activating it for them. But, I've had no such luck so far Any suggestions?


Re: Instinct and SERO plans

Go to the store and slip a rep. a $20.

Journeyman MDG

Re: Instinct and SERO plans

You can't activate it on a SERO plan even if the rep wanted to. (at least not anymore) The computer system won't let you as its not even an option to choose from. The best you could do at this point is to change over to the new Employee Referal Plan or choose a different handset.


The link is to a blog by Sprint VP Russ McGuire and has some more information explaining the rational behind phasing out SERO and also the information you would need to sign up for the new Employee Referal Plan if you decide on that. The old SERO plans were very sweet deals.

Message Edited by MDG on 10-17-2008 09:51 AM

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