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Instinct powering on and off on it's own...


Instinct powering on and off on it's own...

I know that I read this somewhere on Buzz before, but my phone keeps powering on and off on its own. I also ran into the problem when it is plugged in it says that there is no battery in the phone?? That lasted for about 30 seconds of me swapping the batteries and trying to figure out what was going on... This is my second Instinct since July and it is getting to be very irritating...


Re: Instinct powering on and off on it's own...

Mine has recently started to shut itself off when in standby mode. I'll go to bring the main screen up and it will turn, I'm not accidentally shutting it off when I hit the button Smiley Wink

It has done it up to 5 times in one day, can't be sure how long it was off between those intervals before I noticed. This is a big problem since it is my alarm and, you know, communications device.

If it persists I'm going to try a hard reset, if that doesn't work I guess I'll have to ask for a new one.

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