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Instinct s30 (M810) MR2 & Instinct (M800) MR7 - Ready for download


Instinct s30 (M810) MR2 & Instinct (M800) MR7 - Ready for download

The maintenance releases for the Instinct S30 (M810) MR2 and for the Instinct (M800) MR7 are now ready to download.  I will add the release notes to this post as soon as I have them.


Still working on more detail, but this is what the update will say it's going to do.

Instinct -Free Sprint update 6 of 6 to version CH27- App upgrades and removes Privacy Mode to stop web errors

s30 - Free Sprint update 2 of 2 to version CH13- App upgrades and removes Privacy Mode to stop web erro

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Looks like the MR7 has the same list of fixes and enhancement that MR6 did:

Bluetooth Media Files:
m4a Media files will now be placed in the correct media storage folder on the Micro SD card when performing a Bluetooth file transfer.

Call History:
Private Calls will no longer be incorrectly assigned to the All Contacts history.

Sprint Navigation:
Sprint Navigation from the alert landing page should no longer periodically crash the application while in use.

SME Calendar:
The Reminder Alerts in the SME calendar will appear appropriately on subsequent notifications when the snooze function is used or the initial reminder has been ignored.

Wireless Web:

RSS Reader:
The RSS Reader for the Web Browser has been corrected and will now work as designed to provide RSS data feeds from customer  assigned Web sites.

The Java Application for the phone will be set to Open in the API enabling Java developers to build new applications for the Instinct phones.

Privacy Mode:

  • The Privacy Mode settings has been removed from the phone and defaulted to off.
  • This will prevent various errors when accessing certain sites that required security authentication including NFL Mobile, Sprint NASCAR, and Sprint Manage.

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Agree, this is the worst phone I've owned so far!!  Not very happy with my Sprint Wireless Device either.  I can see why we do not see the Sprint CEO's guarantee commercial anymore!


I have had problems with my Instinct HD from the start, now no web refresh and will not sync contact list. On line, phone, and store tecs have been very nice however the same fix for every problem a "hard reset". No work arounds, no fixes, no help just "hard reset".

Only 4 months into a contract so a new phone not an option. Let me know when I can sign on to a class action suit. Maybe there will be an other solution will be found other than "hard reset". 


I do not think that there is anything that can help the Instinct become a better device. That's why I had to upgrade. I've had the Instinct for a year and have had to get 3 replacements from them malfunctioning so much. I wouldn't waste your time. Just give it up and upgrade!


The feedback is appreciated, not big on throwing more money at Sprint. It may be my only choice.

Today the phone ate all my old text when I deleted text from only one contact.


Well I wish I had read these posts 6 months ago when I decided to purchase the S30. It was fine until about last month. It freezes so badly that sometimes I can't make calls or go to the menu without turning my phone on and off or just taking the battery out of it.  Texting is almost impossible because the keys I touch are not what is displayed. I usually give up and just make the phone call. I have had people say they have called me and either the call will go straight to voicemail or either it never comes through at all. I tried using the calculator in the groc store the other day and everytime I would type "7", the number "8" would appear. I loved this phone I guess for the first 5 months, now I'm dissapointed and stuck for 2 years! I guess I'll try to have it serviced but from what I've read here, will it really do any good?


I really hate this phone. -_-


From the response I have had from Sprint regarding the problems with the Instinct it looks like they have abandoned the phone and its owners.

After 10 years with Sprint it is time to take the hit; pay the penalty and switch carriers.

To all Instinct owners, good luck. To any thinking about owning this phone run away as fast as you can.


After reading ur postings, tried to update software & am being told no new update availabe.

My version M810 CH13 (not CH 27). What up?

Also not able to get any help on USB software download. After loading & trying to open get error message. Attempter to dnload & uninstall 3 times.What am I doing wrong?


CH 13 is the latest version. At least according to the latest info I was able to find on the support site (see site below). This phone is crying out for one last software update resolving at least a few of the frustrating bugs, defects and design flaws that plague users.

Just wishful thinking, I'm beginning to fear.  I just got the phone 2 months ago, and already support for it seems to have ended. 2 years of an obsolete, un-updated phone. . .

Last Updated: May 07, 2010

Just like your computer, your phone's software needs to be updated periodically to make sure you have all the latest fixes and enhancements to keep it running at optimal performance. Follow the steps below to check your current version and perform any needed updates.

Version history

Current Version:
Software: M810 CH13
USB Driver: ( v1.6


Date released

Description of enhancements/fixes

M810 CH13


This update includes: An "open" API policy update for Java developers, Sprint TV enhancements, and RSS reader enhancements within the browser. This release will also remove the customer "Privacy" settings which limit customer access to sites and content that require Sprint user authentication. v1.6


Mass Storage Capabilities - USB Driver

M810 CB26


Initial Release


Maybe Sprint has abandoned the Instinct. Supposedly, and I have no proof, the app writers at Pandora were told 2 years ago to not even bother writing compatibility apps for the s30. That info was written on a warez messageboard so it is "believe at your own risk" but as a former owner of the s30, I tend to believe.

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