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Instinct vs Centro


Instinct vs Centro

I am trying to find a phone to trade my Instinct in on... Who has worked with the Centro? the big thing is I want email! and I would love to have sync but email is the biggest...


I had a Centro before I got the instinct and was pretty h...

I had a Centro before I got the instinct and was pretty happy with it. It does the calendar/contact sync easily. The touch screen is pretty small to deal with, so I resorted to my stylus sometimes, which tended to scratch it up (you can get protectors to handle that). I also installed a few custom apps (Chatter for email and TakePhone for the main interface) beause I wasn't super happy with the out-of-box functionalities. You also need to know that email/web access really drains the battery life quickly (supposedly has to do with the CDMA network). I had to slow down how often the email application (didn't matter which one) synced and also set it to "sleep" at night to save battery. Overall I was very happy with it (and am considering going back to it until they release new software and/or additional apps for the Instinct).


my sister-in-law has one and the centro's keypad is REALL...

my sister-in-law has one and the centro's keypad is REALLY tiny. unless you have child-like fingers, it is virtually unusable.

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Re: Instinct vs Centro

I'm using both right now.  The Instinct is faster, way easier to type on, works better as a phone, sets up email faster, and handles basic communication duties better.  Also easier to see, easier to use without a stylus, faster, thinner, cooler and faster.  Did I mention it's faster?


The Centro has better application support (for now), more power tools, better calendaring and excellent desktop sync on both Mac and PC.  You also have a 15 year history of apps, development, user base and more on the Palm platform.


If you are a 'power user', I'd stay with the Centro.  For excellent communication and entertainment - go for the Instinct.   

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Re: Instinct vs Centro

My wife has the Instinct and I have the Centro. I love the Instincts' wow-factor but as for email and business use my Centro is king. I use Yahoo mail for most of my email needs, all my other email addresses are forwarded to Yahoo. I use the Sprint Email app instead of the Versamail they both come with the phone. The Sprint Email app is much better with the battery drain problem that Versamail has, I have all my Yahoo mail 'PUSHED' to my phone with no problems. I do recharge the phone every night. Versamail is much more feature-rich app but I don't need all the extra stuff.


Re: Instinct vs Centro

I came from a Centro and I have to say that I'm overall quite happy with everything.

The web browsing, while not as nice as Safari, should be improved when a compatible version of Opera Mini or FF mobile is available.

As far as phone call quality, I think they're both fine as long as the coverage area is good.

Yes, the Palm has years of research and available programs, but remember that the Instinct did just come out a week ago.

I think it's just a matter of time before Sprint or a 3rd party comes out with Calendar Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Or at least I hope so. Cause that's seriously one of the few things that I'm really missing from this phone. I've done the google calendar work-around, but it only goes so far.

The one thing that I really REALLY love about this phone, and which I think people don't give enough credit to is the speech search function. It's a million times faster, more convenient, and more effective in terms of searching for stuff. Before with the Centro, I had to use the 411 search function in the On Demand category and that took time. With the VoiceSearch function, it's quick and seamless. The integration of this with the built-in GPS is IMHO one of the strongest things going for this phone. In fact, when I heard about the LG Dare, I thought maybe I should trade in the Instinct for the Dare, but then realized how much I would actually miss the VoiceSearch function.

just my $0.02


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I have an instinct and my daughter has the Centro...The C...

I have an instinct and my daughter has the Centro...The Centro is good if you're playing and chatting a lot on your device. The Instinct has many features that help with business users such as the speech function and the GPS. Not to mention it's a lot faster than Centro. Overall the Centro is nice but the Instinct is much better.

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