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Instinct won't boot.


Instinct won't boot.


I have noticed recently that my phone has been unresponsive occasionally when issuing commands via the touch screen. Today, i was browsing the web and I noticed that it was again sluggish. All of the sudden the 'updating PRL' screen came up and the phone just turned itself off. (while I was browsing the web).

Recent Changes:

Last night Iadded the Engadget XML feed to my browser.



The phone is off and charging it keeps beeping like I am disconnecting it re-connecting it.

The phone is turned on, it displays the Samsung loading bar, and the sprint yellow things and then it goes dark, periodically (and until it runs out of batteries) the 3 touch buttons at the bottom of the screen blink and the screen looks like it is turning on and off.

The phone is put into USB Emergency Download mode it will stay there forever, I thought perhaps this was a hardware problem causing the phone to rebootbecause of the disconnect/reconnect issue while charging but it turns out that it will stay 'up' while it is in USB download mode for an indefinite period of time.

Attempted resolution:

I havent used the secondary battery which was included with the phone so I put the brand new battery in and I had the same result. I also tried removing and re-inserting the SD card.

I am pretty sure the phone is still within the 1year hardware warranty, but it most likely just needs a software reflash. Please make available a utility that will reflash a dead phone.




Re: Instinct won't boot.

You can chat, call or visit your local sprint store to speak with technical support about this issue. We also might have some software updates for you on It sounds to me like the best option for you would be to take the phone to your local sprint repair store. If you need me to locate one for you in your area,  send me a message with your address information and I will be happy to locate it for you.

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