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Internal error while launching an application


Internal error while launching an application


Each time i try to open an app. i get this message "Internal error while launching an application". I dont know why it's like that.

I have 3 Samsung Instinct HD 2 of them work fine but one of them can't access and open any app.

I did turn it off and back on many times but nothing happened same problem, i took the battery out (i don't know why i did that, but i thought it might help).

Is there any way to fix this annoying problem.



Re: Internal error while launching an application

Make sure that you have the latest software on the phone.Update the profile  check if your web is working fine.You said you have powercycled the phone and it didnt worked. check if you privacy mode on your phone is off..if it's on turn off the privacy mode. Other option would be is Backup your contacts and do complete reset.

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