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I've had the Samsung Instinct going on 2 years in June, and of late it has been giving me problems. When I attempt to make a call it will say it is connecting before it says the call has failed. If a connection is actually made it cuts me off most of the time. When I try to send a text message it says that the message fails. After about 5 trys of resending the message it will finally go through but I will have to wait hours before I recieve a response back. I have moved to a different home which is no more than 5 minutes away from my old home, but even at my previous house the problem was starting to arise. I would have to stand in a specific spot in the house to recieve calls or texts. I do not know if it is the actual phone or another problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zip code is 85043. 


Re: Issues

There is an outage for a cellsite in the zipcode you provided. Estimated time of resolution is tomorrow around 4:20 CST, subject to change. Hopefully one of the members on here who is not having issues with their employee icon showing will also confirm.

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