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Laker Parade video clip disaster!!!!!!!


Laker Parade video clip disaster!!!!!!!

We went to the Laker Parade yesterday. I was taking pics and vid clips from my phone. As the Laker busses began to drive past me someone decided to call me while I was filming. This made the vid clip abrutly stop. I ignored the call and begain to film again just in time to catch the bus Kobe was on then suddenly my phone froze... The person decided to leave a voice mail and any Instinct owner knows VVM means disaster if you're in the middle of something else on your Instinct.

Someone else ended up sending me an AIM and another person sent me a text so I decided to switch my phone to Airplane Mode. This was the biggest mistake of my life. Apparently the phone will corrupt any vid clips you film while the Instinct is in Airplane Mode..... I filmed so many crazy moment of Laker fans doing crazy stuff and I can't even view them.... They all recorded and the file sizes prove they did, but once I press play it only shows 1 second and ends. I've transferred them to my PC and the same thing happens. I've sent a clip to my friend who also has an Instinct and it says the files are too large to play. The file sizes aren't even that big!!!

Can someone help me out please besides telling me to get a Palm Pre or a digital camera? I've been trying to stick with this phone for a while now, but Samsung continues to let me down...

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