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List for MR8 consideration


List for MR8 consideration

Taking the advice of members latinmaxima and Teammate, and without highjacking a thread dedicated to improving our newest Instinct member "the HD", or interrupting it's newest owners concerned about those fixes ( sorry for any inconvienence guys, I meant no disrespect ), this is a seperate list of problems for the Origional Instinct.  Not a list of wants, but problems that just need to be corrected/fixed.  Feel free to add your input here in hopes of a future maintenence release for the M800.

1. The Obigo Browser: Mobile mode is pretty fast, no problems with mobile mode so far, and I can tell plenty of time was put in to improve the mobile mode version of the browser, good job,  but...I bought this phone for the HTML version, not mobile. Improvements have been made to the Standard version with the new zoom bar, the double tap to zoom, the "one tap" field entry, and the RSS shortcut, but the flaws that have plagued the html version ( standard mode ) still remain, and new problems have arised.

Standard Mode is showing the " Out of Memory "  way too fast now, even for sites I used to browse without fail (before MR6/7)

Ex:  Pages are not rendering correctly, some web pages are simply not loading up at all without errors, some web pages are unreadable, and now every webpage defaults to a minimum zoom. ( the zoom problem happened with MR6/7) The Obigo browser just looks better, and scrolls better than any third party web app in my opinion, but I didn't buy this phone for third party web apps.

One handicap of third party web apps is the 200 character limit.  I just want the built in Web to work correctly. Another problem is some websites occasionally still soft-reset the phone. So, in conclusion, the included HTML browser needs more work, while the mobile version works fine.

2. Calculator ( Unit Converter/Weight ):

One miscalculation is ounces to pounds ( ounces on top ) and this needs to be fixed.  It's probably a pain in the rear to fix, but wrong is wrong, and it needs to be corrected.

The rest I can deal with, so this is all I got...




Re: List for MR8 consideration

1. Screen Lock for ALL CALLS, not just to Customer Service

2. Fix the problem with the phone freezing up when it gets a voicemail

3. Fix the wierd random resets when texting.

4. Fix the "!" replacing the caller images in Speed dial and contacts.

5. Fix the Music Player that you broke several months ago.


Re: List for MR8 consideration

1.  Not only fix the conversion on the calculater, let me compute more than just two decimal places, geez!

2.  Fix this endless loop of OWA password issues.  One of the reasons i bought this phone was to be able to get my email!

3.  Can we get a decent shuffle code for the media player?  Not to mention album art support, is it that hard to get a look-up database when connected to the internet?

4.  Im sick and tired of pulling the battery every day to get my internet to work again.

Id complain about having backward compatibility to the new instinct OS, however I dont want to get lambasted by folks on here who just speculate about hardware woes.


Re: List for MR8 consideration (for M800)

Here is a copy of needed fixes, posted here.


There have been a variety of known issues about the Instinct, which, even after up to a year, still have not been fixed.

  1. Calendar: Has entry limitations and only syncs with OWA/Outlook.
    1. How hard is it to modify the software to communicate with Google Calendar or Microsoft Live Calendar? I'm not being sarcastic, I was just currious.Tech support can't give me an answer. Some will forward my suggestion to include google (or say they will) and others say that they have no way of sending suggestions.
    2. I'm glad that Sprint eventually added syncing with OWA, but since I no longer work with the company that gave me OWA, I'm up a creek without a paddle. Read through this whole discussion, and perhaps you will agree that a touch phone put next to an iPhone should implicitly have this functionality, and more!
  2. Notes: It only allows up to 9 notes.
    1. If I have an 8gb card, why does it have that limit? Can notes, calendar, etc. be stored on the card, instead of the phone? (Here is a complaint I tracked down from a year ago.)
  3. Apps: Where are they?
    1. I read a bit about the Instincts background and it appears that the BREW platform was engineered on the Instinct to alow developers to easily make apps for it and, it appears that it should use java apps no problem. In reality, the developer contest was cancled and the BREW platform is incompatible with ALOT of applications. Oh, and if it's unreasonable that I expect an app store like the iPhone, I would say that it's not my fault Sprint literally put their phone next to an iPhone and said "we're better."
  4. Calculator: Only calculates to the hundredths place.
    1. Seriously? That seems silly to begin with, but if I want to calculate sales task of 8.25%, I would do the following: 1.0825 x (price) = Sales Tax. However, due to this odd limitation, I can't do that.
    2. ***Updated: Converts wrong, according to one user.
  5. Music Player: Has a song limit, rejects songs with foreign symbols, lists songs by Artist name first, & cuts off song titles.
    1. Song Limit: If I have an 8GB card, I better be able to play 8GB of music. This problem has existed for over a year, & is still reported.
    2. Rejects songs with foreign symbols: I have some music from foreign authors and it rejects most of the one that include foresign symbols in the song title/ artist name. So, if I build a playlist and come to that song, it warns me that it can't play, asks me if I want to delete, then takes me back to the "My Music" tab instead of playing the next song in playlist. This has happened for a year now.
    3. Lists song title, Artists first: If I wanted to sort by author, I'de click on "Artists" from the My Music start screen.
    4. Cuts off text: After so many characters, the title cuts off. So, since artists names are always first, a long artist name can mean you can't read the song name and have to play every single song until you find the right one. I've had a Sprint Customer Service Rep tell me this is a popular request.

All in all, I realize that this is not a business phone and so some of this stuff (Calendar, Notes, Apps, Calculator) is probably not going to be changed. However, when you buy a media phone with a sorry music player, well, that's sorry. On the bright side, I was informed today by a Sprint Tech Rep. that they are working to fix the music limit error (it's a start). (***Update: NOT FIXED)


  • Update: The Music Player is still problematic.

  • Video Recording:  I can not record video on my phone. It start, and then will randomly say "Recording Failed." This with a 8GB Kingston MicroSD, which a Samsung representative informed me was specifically tested with the Instinct M800. I've been able to duplicate this issue on other phones and all Sprint Tech Support could tell me is "sorry." ...One of the selling points over the iPhone does not work and all I get is "sorry."

Seriously, what is Sprint doing about this??? When a customer spoke to an Associate, saying that he swapped out ONE PERSON 15 Instincts, does that not strike you as odd (read it here)? Sprint, I think you owe us a real good explaination. Of all the issues, the Music Player is the worst because it does not work right and little appears to be done to fix it in a WHOLE YEAR. And again, since the Instinct was put next to an iPhone, I don't think it any bit unreasonable that we Instinct users be so "picky" or "whiney" because we didn't get what Sprint hyped up. The HTC Hero was not  nearly as well advertised as the Instinct, but it is obviously way better and is actually what the Samsung Instinct should have been. These sorts of problems are those I expect of open-source/free software, not something paid for. Ex: I have Gmail and suggest addtional features, but since I don't pay a dime, I understand that my issues may never get addressed. The Instinct, however, has been paid for and was not free. Is there any posibility of trading the Instinct for say the HTC Hero. I would love some Sprint rep to seriously address all this mess.

Please take these things as constructive criticism.


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Re: List for MR8 consideration

Goy, thanks for starting this thread!! I was going to last week, but been to busy. I refuse to "upgrade" to a newer phone now! I was considering it, but if this is the way Sprint wants to handle the original Instinct owners what will happen when the next line of phones come out???? Not to mention I have been a Sprint customer for OVER 10 YEARS!!!! My list is short:

1) Ditto on ALL of the above! I just started getting this "Out of Memory" while web browsing notification yesterday?????....NEEDS TO BE FIXED!

2) My biggest complaint is the Navigation doesn't work! Look at ALL the Instinct forums, this is a major problem! I have contacted Sprint everyday for the past week & NO ONE knows how to fix this except a hard reset. A lot of owners have gone thru the Live Search & "tricked" the Navigation to work. THIS IS NOT THE SOLUTION!!! There is a problem & it needs to be corrected.

Sprint PLEASE fix the issues with the original Instinct! Sarah started a thread for the new HD, forget the HD, what about the original?


Re: List for MR8 consideration

Wow...HD owners got an update super MR announcement, no hype, just a badly needed fix....good looking out for your customers....kudos....

Sure wish we could get some help


Re: List for MR8 consideration

Since I am stuck with the orignal Instinct until February 2011, I am a HUGE and OVERWHELMING supporter of an MR8 upgrade. The most important issue for addressing in MR-8 is the Browser.

1. Browser - The out of memory error is by far the most frustrating and most illogical of them all. Many of some of the oldest website with graphics are instantly un-rendered by this browser. Not only is this browser incredibly slow and frustrating, it practically neuters many of the features of the web. I seriously doubt we'll ever see an implementation Flash, without freezing the OS. This browser or a replacement browser should be absolute and top priority. The update or its replacement needs to use much less memory, eliminate errors, render websites with absolute accuracy, and incorporate Flash and Java.

2. Calculator - The errors here for decimal points and conversions should be an absolute joke. We've been making modern digital calculators since the 1970's. This should also be top priority since we need a working calculator for many fundamental situations.

3. Calendar - The problems here with syncing and implementation to other calender programs just reeks of incompetence. Everyone of us uses some sort of program to notate important events. This needs to be fixed pronto.

4. Email. - The fact that we don't have a basic HTML email viewer is absolutely insane in 2009, let alone for 2008. There needs to be some sort of solution here.

5. Screenlock - Can't the developers program a subroutine into the phone that lock's the touchscreen 5 seconds after a call is started, until you hit the power button on the top of the phone? Wouldn't that make the most sense?

6. Radio - How about a stream that gets us HD Radio?

7. TV - Considering that all stations across the country broadcast in pure digital, how about Sprint and its TV partner find away to stream us local channels by regional areas? How about making a deal with at least CNN to get us some sort of news? MSNBC is a nice luxury and Fox News in personal opinion just doesn't count as a credible news organization. But at least CNN is a nice compromise between the two.

8. Stock Ticker - Almost every flip phone I've ever owned has had this feature. How long would it take to implement this? Probably no time at all. Or how about getting those Handmark guys to add it to our Web section of our phone?

9. Using the SD card for additional memory - We know we can't do anything about the Instinct's memory, But we can take advantage of the Instinct's SD cards and SDHC cards to act like supplemental memory. In the sameway Windows uses Readyboost, we could have this feature added to the Instinct. Additional memory would improve a lot of features and the OS. I think this is work looking into. Especially with high capacity 8 GB, 16 GB, and hopefully higher capacity cards. Even an additional 50 to 100 MB of memory would make a world of difference. I'd like to see this happen.

There ya go. That's what we need to get this phone on track.

Journeyman MDG

Re: List for MR8 consideration


What plan are you on? I think all the Instinct plans with possibly the exception of the Everything Plus Referral $59.99 plan should make you eligible as a Premier customer which would allow you to upgrade every 12 months.


Re: List for MR8 consideration


I'm on Simply Everything and I'm a "Sprint Premier" customer already. I'm very much aware of my upgrade period starting in mid February 2010. I'm not yelling at anyone but let me make my stance clear.

However, in the midst of a "Global Recession" its highly unlikely or improbable for many folks to have to pay for an upgraded phone and have to purchase another 2 year contract. Quite frankly, I don't feel that Sprint's attitude and customer service with the original Instinct merit's a new contract. I have said it time and time before. If Sprint doesn't fix this phone's problems, they won't get a new contract from me. They should be publically embarassed by the reception and the functionality of the Instinct. It's not even close to an iPhone killer. I don't think it even harms an iPod Touch.

I'm sticking to my guns here. I don't feel I should have to pay for a new contract nor am I going to pony up hundreds of dollars for a new phone. As a premier customer and the dis-satisfaction with the phone, Sprint should offer me a free upgrade on my existing contract as an apology for the Instinct debacle. Anything short of that, is no deal. So I will see where the mobile services are in 2011. Until then, like the others have posted on here...

Fix the original Instinct first. No disrespect to Instinct HD or everyone else, but we've been under contract longer. Our should get the priority since we're 7 MR's in and no better for it. It's a matter of principle here and nothing else.


Re: List for MR8 consideration

Kudoz to JoGomez, this is something i have been arguing for a long time.  Like i said before, people who purchased the HD because the instinct couldnt cut it, in my opinion, bought into Sprint's bait and switch.  Not to mention MDG's comment just proved Sprint's position, I cant believe he even posted that comment, I'm sure it will be deleted.

Im a 3rd party sprint employee and I am embarased the way the instinct was handled, I paid $450 for this phone, how do you think I feel?  Im so pissed off with the way it was handled im actually considering leaving sprint after supporting them for 8 years.

The fact the Sprint used this website to aid in suggestions for the HD and then poo all over the people who help out is unreal.

I should have kept my v3m, that was by far the best phone I have ever owned.

Journeyman MDG

Re: List for MR8 consideration

Since I am stuck with the orignal Instinct until February 2011

Based on jgomez original comment, I wanted to make sure that he was aware that he might be eligible for an upgrade earlier than he may have been aware. Not everyone is aware of the Premier customer program, and what all their options might be.

His issue with the phone appears to run deeper than simply wanting to upgrade to a different handset, and I can respect that.


Re: List for MR8 consideration


I wish to be clear. It is not a personal attack on you or anyone working the forums. Its anger at the situation and nothing more. I just believe that if you pay for something under contract, it better work to specs or better. I don't the the Instinct has. Infact, my touchscreen quit working for 45 mintues this morning. I will have to take my Instinct into a store.

I appreciate your comment but I am really getting frustrated with the Instinct for obvious reasons.

Glad you guys are here, but seriously... Mr. Blue is 100 percent correct. Kudos to him as well

Until later. Peace, yall.

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