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Live Search / Navigation Problem


Live Search / Navigation Problem

A couple of times now I've done a Live Search for a business, then selected driving directions, only to have it fire up the navigation app, search for the address for 3-4 minutes, then tell me the address isn't found. Apparently just because Live Search knows about an address, doesn't mean Sprint Navigation knows about an address. Getting driving directions from a Live Search result is a nifty feature when it works. Any plans for fixing this issue?


Re: Live Search / Navigation Problem

I use live search ona Touch Diamond. On my first Diamond Live Search distances were very accurate. However on my 2nd and 3rd Touch Diamonds the Live Search gave incorrect miles to two locations that I travel to on a regular basis (my daughters' houses). Live Search over stated the distance on one by @ 10 miles and @ 15 on the other location. My GPS location (home) has always been the same but now the distances are overstated. This makes me not trust any other route distances. Can anyone shed some light on this problem or help me to correct it?

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