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MR-6 is live


MR-6 is live

Downloading even as I type.


I got the update to install fine. Everything that I've tested is working fine except for Pandora. No problem with weather/sports/etc. Also, I picked up the File Browser from the Instinct App Store and it works great. The phone does seem to be snappier and I wonder if the TV is better. I never use it since they took my favorite channels away so I really can't compare but I've pulled up the weather channel before just for fun and it seems to look better now. All in all I'm very pleased with the Instinct.

Fortunately for me, everything I actually use the phone for works very well. I use Opera Mini constantly, text message, often use Telenav GPS, make calls and listen to podcasts as my primary usage and everything I actually use on the phone is mostly flawless. My biggest complaint was not being able to fast forward past 35 minutes into a podcast and that was resolved with the music player update.

My biggest complaint now is that it takes 15-20 seconds to open up the music player the first time. After that, of course, it is just sitting open ready to use in a nice display of multi-processing. Also, I had done the policy hack so if a call came in while using Opera Mini I could just go back in to where I was at after the call. So, sometimes I had music and Opera waiting and running in the background while on a call.

I wish they could just port in the Pre software to replace our Instinct software but otherwise I've mostly pleased. Keep up the good work Sprint. The Insinct is the best phone I've ever had and while I'm looking forward to the Pre or some other phone when my upgrade eligibility comes up I don't regret my purchase. Also, I'm excited about what app devs are gonna be able to do with the new open API. We have another big Instinct coming out soon so there will be millions of Instincts out there in the different iterations. I hope Sprint gets their act together to make the app store happen right.

As it is I go to and even have the store app on my phone. It is great except the selection is lacking. But, with the backing of Sprint we could have a giant store filled with applications and themes. C'mon, please at least get that right Sprint. Oh, and give the devs at the Instinct App Store free access to whatever tools are necessary to develop for the Instinct. Those guys helped me keep the faith with the Instinct during my darkest times, and I'm sure others as well,and they deserve your gratitude.

OK, I will note that I had policy hacked my phone and apparently it has overwritten the hack because now I can't save from Opera Mini anymore. Anyone have a fix for this?

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@Sphinx wrote:

Dude seriously, all this juvenile rambling just to say your angry Pandora doesn't work...everything else you write is stated in the MR6 realease notes, I mean what were you expecting, something other than what was indicated? You say its only the policy hack as if every Instinct owner out there hacks their policy. Basically as has been stated a million times before if you are hurting this badly inside get a new phone. Yeah I know it seems like all I do is criticize other peoples post, but hey as customers we want Sprint to respect our opinions and concerns but yet your post and many others are nothing but disrespectful to Sprint, I have never seen Will, Sarah, or any other Sprint employee on this site disrespect any of you but yet posters here will be as disrespectful as they like. Dude, do me a favor, and speak like an adult about your concerns regarding this update.

Speak your ignorant wisdom to someone else. I spend more time helping people on these forums than you ever would care to, and currently administer on two Instinct websites...I'm the voice of many rolled into one Spinxy, so get off my back.

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