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Making Rightones for Instinct


Making Rightones for Instinct

Hey, I use to do this all the time with my Nextel i580 and webjal.

When making your own ring tones to upload to your phone, what format should the ring tones be in? Normally I do .wav or .mp3. Sometimes .wav files are louder then the .mp3s.

Also, what is the max bit rate, KHz Frequency, and Channels I can use.??

On my i580 everything use to have to be the lowest it would go. 8bit, 8khz, 1 channel mono.

Also, how long does the Instinct right before voice mail picks up? That I need to know so I know how long to make the ring tones at least so it plays once throu and not over and over.

One last question, does the Instinct support Video Ringtones??


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I've used MP4 Audio (.m4a) and it works fine. Also, AAC, MP3 and MID should work perfectly as well. I Equalize my Ringtones before I upload them, usually reducing deep bass and certain mid-range sounds that can cause strong vibrations on the speaker, and could either damage it or just sound plain ugly LOL. Also, try encoding your music from 96kbps and so forth, up to 160kbps, works like a charm for me. Hope that helps!!


I use a 3 step process which only takes a couple of minutes to make a ringer.

First I crop the mp3 to a 30 sec. clip, then convert to a wave file, then a m4a file....reasons why are fairly simple...

I crop the 30 second mp3 and the file size is usually 400kb or higher

Convert to a wav file which opens the file completely up, same file is now 1000kb or higher

then convert to a m4a which has the same loudness and quality of the origional mp3, file size is now 180-250kbs...

If I try converting mp3 to m4a the file size doesnt change much, and I'm looking to save space, so...

this is my method...

The free app Sprint gave us for converting ringers would be awesome if it included the music you have, not just the one's

you've purchased from Sprint.


After some trial and error I have found that there is not much difference in quality when going higher than 64bit, 16khz and mono. I don't think the speaker on the instinct is that good. Also, all of my ringtones I made back in the nextel days were 20-25 seconds in length. I have found that they are too short in duration for the instinct. Apparently sprint has a longer ringer than nextel. To be safe I would use at least 35 seconds.

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