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Music & Picture Files are missing from my memory card


Music & Picture Files are missing from my memory card

I have over 300 songs and loads of pictures on my memory card and one day I went to start my music player and all the files were showing up 0. Same with my picture files. All shows nothing, however when I click on the memory status it shows that over 75% of my memory card is used and the pictures I had saved as caller ID's are still showing up. I know they are there, I just cannot access them. I have read another thread that discusses this however have not seen an answer/fix to this problem. I really would like to recover the files that are clearly on there and not have to redownload all my music. I have the Samsung Instinct M800. Any help is greatly appriciated.


Re: Music & Picture Files are missing from my memory card

The Instinct has been known to wipe the cards. It has been reported since it was first released. The card will appear empty but yet the memory says they are still there.

The are recoverable by using a recovery program, Place the card into a card reader and BAM there they are.

You can use a program like this to recover those photos; Data Recovery 2.3.1
There are many free ones available, use google to find a free one.

As far as the contact pics, When you assign pics to a contact they are stored in the phones memory but there's no way to retrieve them. Also if you choose to assign a new pic to a contact it must have a different name or the old pic will still show up.

ie, If old pic is "John", Name new pic "John1"


Jun 18, 2009 Posted in response to: lbalex79

Not sure if I'm supposed to share this, but we've duplicated the issue, captured the error in the data logger and are engaged with all the parties that can fix it to track down the root cause and hopefully find a fix.

So, thank you for posting this bug - it's driving a fix!



Once you retrieve your content off the card you can place it in a card reader on your pc an re-format it to wipe it clean, Then reinstall it into your Instinct and it will add the folders it needs. It is the Pic's that is most important as you should have the music you placed on it backed up or are able to redownload them from the Music Store.


Re: Music & Picture Files are missing from my memory card

I have had a similar issue. I bought a 4GB Micro SD card. I had a couple of pictures on it and that was all (thank god!!), and I tried to capture a series of 2 min. videos, and a couple of them seemed to record for the entire 2 min., but most of the time I got an error message (I think it said "media failed" or something similar). After having this go on for quite a while and missing out on actually watching what I was trying to record, I decided to see if any of the recordings were of a high enough quality to keep trying, and when I went to "My Photos" the screen read  "NO MEDIA". Now it does the same thing if I have that same SD card in there, and I'm afraid to try it using the 2GB card that came with my phone, at least until I'm able to back up everything that's on it first, so I don't know if it's the phone or the card.

Also, I don't know if you have e-mail set up on your phone or not, but I have gmail set up on mine, and when I go to the Email Home Page, there's an option to "Browse Files". When I select that, the options that come up are: Recent Files, Pictures, Video, Audio, and Other Attachments. From there, there are other options. You may or may not have already known about that stuff, but if you didn't, you should really check it out and see if maybe some of your missing things are in there somewhere. I was completely shocked and amazed at what I found when I explored that stuff. I had never even seen some of the things that I found, and other things I thought were long gone.

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