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Music Player barfs on non-English characters


Music Player barfs on non-English characters

Attempt to play a song with a non-English character (an , in this case) somewhere in the file's name or info and the player will crash, asking to delete all the files for the album. If you accept the delete, it will fail. Returning to the album listing and trying to delete will result in an "uncaught exception" that crashes the player back to the home screen.

I have two albums that will cause this: Paco Pea, The Art of Paco Pea and Pepe Romero, Noches de Espaa

Music Player version: 2.2.39

Phone info:

SW: ES.M800.08 BK14

HW: M800.08


Re: Music Player barfs on non-English characters

Non-English characters are a problem everywhere in the Instinct: musica player, contacts, etc. It's frustrating having to edit mp3 tags just to have to listen to a song.

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