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Music player skipping?


Music player skipping?

I have noticed that the music player is skipping songs. I had thought this was going on before but I really noticed it lately when I loaded two new cds and realized there were songs I was never hearing played. They would play if I clicked on the specific song, or would play next if I clicked the song before them, but if I just let the player run, they don't play. This is happening regardless of whether I have the shuffle mode on or not.

I currently have shuffle off, I want the songs to play down the list, I have about 40 songs on that list, but the player seems to be in a loop of only playing about 30 of them, and yes I kept track one day while listening. It is happening with any list I play, not just mycurrent faves.

Anyone else notice this? Any fixes? It's getting annoying!


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Re: Music player skipping?

Do they play if you include them in a playlist?


Re: Music player skipping?

They are playlists, and this happens with all my playlists. In this particular instance, I have a playlist for each seperate cd, then I have a playlist where I have them combined. It happens in all three. It also happens in my other playlists as well, regardless of how many songs are in them. I have a playlist with only 4 songs, it will only play 3 unless I click on the 4th to start it.

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