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My Instinct Experience.....


Re: sphinx says what.... wow down to name calling again alrea...

@crash wrote:
sphinx says what.... wow down to name calling again already.... you just dont need to talk about something you dont know nothing about like the iphone you are clueless about it when you talk of it. or you just dont want to admit the faults of your phone when compared to the iphone. the name calling is just your last resort to save face for your wanna be iphone. sphinx say what.... lol

How's that voice guided GPS working for you on the iphone? And battery swapping?


oh and i own both phones now so i can compare all i want....

oh and i own both phones now so i can compare all i want. "spinx says what" someone asked for top apps to we would like to see on the instinct heres a few a few of mine... 1. app to let gps track jogs (speed elevation distance)and then upload to someplace like mapmyrun 2. app to customize the phone atleast to some degree 3. app to give standard qwerty keyboard 4. a facebook app that is comparative to iphones 5. the shazam app. if you dont know what it is google it. it is so nice! 6. an app like distant shore to make new penpals from around the world 7. cooliris app 8. an app to make any program run in background permanently until you turn off 9. app for the music player or a big fix so it that doesnt have to load every time and that can shuffle music atleast 10. some decent free games for time killers ( for the kiddie in me 😛 )

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