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My Touch Screen Has Stopped Working. HELP!!


My Touch Screen Has Stopped Working. HELP!!

The touch screen on my instinct started acting squirley last week and then just stopped working all together. The Screen works fine, picture/image wise, but the touch sensors don't work. I bought some cheap used flip phone on ebay in the hopes that I can fix it and not buy or renew my contract. Doing research online I found this post on this site...

Apperantly it was a direct number to tech support (which no longer works) where they would send you a replacement phone. It seems that Sprints new policy is to direct you to a Sprint store where they charge you $100 to replace the screen. Is there another option? Can I fix it myself? Is there a way to get a replacement from Sprint without having to renew my contract?

It seems that the Instinct has had a lot of problem. This is actually my third! The first would only work when the headset was plugged in, the second one didn't work when on speaker phone, and now my third's screen just stopped working. My friend had 3 instincts replaced cause all 3 had the same screen issue. If there's a problem with the phone/manufacturer, I think we're all entitled to a free replacement.

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