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My visual voicemail won't work...


My visual voicemail won't work...

My visual voicemail has not worked in months... I have to call my voicemail in order to receive anything... The visual voicemail is not collecting any of my voicemails... Customer service had me reset the settings. and remove the battery for 2 minutes. I can click in to visual voicemail, but no voicemails in there whatsoever... It is the latest version of visual voicemail, but hasn't worked in the last few versions... like it is a setting on my phone and not the software. thanks for any help


Re: My visual voicemail won't work...

If you have already contacted customer care about this and the issue has not been resolved please take the phone to your local sprint repair store to be evaluated by a technician. You can locate the store nearest you using the store locator on I apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact me if you have any further questions


I have a problem with my visual voice mail. The notificat...

I have a problem with my visual voice mail. The notification comes up but when I try to play it back there is no volume about 75% of the time. Sometimes after I turn the phone off and on it might work..very erratic and very unreliable. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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