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Nav Search along route allows for specific street results


Nav Search along route allows for specific street results

So in the navigation, if you are headed somewhere you can look at the traffic report option and it will tell you the speed limit and such, but if you go to search and search for something and map the results, in bottom right corner you have the stop light and if you click it, than it will show on the map by color what the road speed is and where there is construction. Why is this option not on the main screen when you are being taken somewhere. It is awesome to see where the construction is and the road speeds, but I don't want to have to go do a search just to see them???? Am I doing something wrong to not be able to normally see this? It looks like you can also go to summary and click on the stop light and it will show you this. Why isn't it available on the main nav screen when being driven somewhere?

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