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Navigation Downgrade Process - restore from .23 to .21

Sprint Product Ambassador

Navigation Downgrade Process - restore from .23 to .21

For the people that had the flawed version .23 navigation update, we are working on resetting the distribution servers to push version .21 back to your handsets.  


How does this work?


a) app client checks with app server to see if a newer version is available, by comparing the version number ( VS
b) once confirmed, the app client sends a request to the server to confirm if a binary is available.
c) once confirmed, show the upgrade prompt on screen.

d) when the user accepts the upgrade prompt, download and install the new client.


Does anyone see the problem?  .23 will always trump .21 we may have to create a .24 release consisting of the .21 code, or modify step (a) to say .23 is invalid, push .21.


There will be quite a bit of work going on throughout the day.  Once we have solid information I will post in this thread. 

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@wengla02 wrote:

GPS does not work well indoors. It requires a clear view of the southern sky to pick up the satellites. It may be using tower-based location, where it gives you a rought approximation of your location based on triangulation off of the cell towers.

This cannot be corrected - it's simply how GPS works.

If I stand outside, directly in front of my house, it shows me at the wrong address... like 3 or 4 houses off.

This problem makes the "record location" feature almost useless.

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It appears as though the Nav upgrade/downgrade is out. For now, I have bypassed it.


My GPS downgraded back to .21 about 4 hours ago.

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