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does anyone know how i can fix my navigation, everytime i try to use Nav, i click on Nav then nothing happens screen goes blank for a sec then my phone is freezed i cant do anything for one minutes then it comes back saying entering spring area i updated Data Software but still no luck, anyone any idea?

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Re: Navigation

The first thing to try for any strange behavior is to power down, then remove the battery a few moments, put it back and power up. If that doesn't help, call customer service.


Shan007, I had the same problem with my first instinct an...

Shan007, I had the same problem with my first instinct and then other applications stopped working ie: Weather, News, Radio, Live Search, Sports, Movies, and then my Voice Mail. I updated the Software, PRL, and Data profile. Nothing seemed to work, I called Sprint customer Service of course I was trasfred to somewhere in the Phillipines where the agent didn't speak english good enough to help with my problem. So, I took my phone into the store and the agent there didn't have a clue. Took my phone to Best Buy and they fixed it without charging me a dime, they backed up my media and contacts and then did a full system restore on the phone. Reset the phone back to default settings and updating the software, My phone was as good as new. Then 2 weeks later it crashed, I ended up having to pay a $50 insurance fee to replace my phone. My suggestion is to try and reset everything and then if that doesn't work, hopefully you're still under warranty, if not hopefully you have insurance because the Instincts are known to do this

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Thank you for your help, i dont even know why i got this...

Thank you for your help, i dont even know why i got this phone i didnt take insurance on this phone but it still under fectory warranty they should replace the phone at no charge.

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