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New Instinct Phone?


New Instinct Phone?

Just purchased this instinct phone several days ago. Still learning this & that. How do I surf on the web? I keep receiving an error "the profile update could not be completed." Should I take the phone into the store? Can anyone help, please????


Re: New Instinct Phone?

Try to manually update the data profile, please follow these steps:


Click Main button. 

Select Settings.

Select General.

Select Update Data Profile.


Inform the Customer: The device will display the following message for approximately two minutes while programming is in progress:

Preparing Data Services, Please wait..


If after this update you are still unable to access the internet please contact Technical Support, or visit a Sprint Repair store.


Re: New Instinct Phone?

First I would recommend that you remove the battery for one minute, replace the battery and turn the device back on. Once you have done this attemp to access the web. If you receive the same error message please do the data update steps that glimmer has provided you with above. When you are brought back to the main screen attempt to access the web, if you receive the same error message or a different error message I would recommend that you call or chat in to do a complete update of the data on the device and to also ensure that everything is set up on the account correctly.


Hope this information helps.

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