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Opera Mini 4.2 and Orb anyone?


Opera Mini 4.2 and Orb anyone?

Ok so what is orb? Basically, any media that's located on your computer at home, you can play with a mobile device or from another computer. I'm using it and love it.

It is VERY EASY to setup. Like, grandma easy. Go to, download the setup utility and follow the instructions. Be sure to setup the preferences from your pc to use 3gp aac/rtsp

Now here's what I'm interested in; Now that the Instinct can support a better browser, going to seems like it should be a lot easier. Has anyone tried?

Seriously it's not hard, give it a try. I did it on my touch pro and I've been watching futurama for the past hour. Just wanted to see if the Instinct can do it too.

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Re: Opera Mini 4.2 and Orb anyone?

I've used Orb for a long time.

Just tried it with Opera - I don't think I'll be doing that again.

With the built-in browser it was always a bit squinty, but there was always the 2X button.

With Opera though, it's using some extreme mobile view, even though I've got mobile-mode turned off in Opera.

I get really big text, one file or folder per page, and no options-bar at the bottom. So if I want to get to the settings, I have to navigate page by page back to the top level.

It does launch the media player and play a video.


Re: Opera Mini 4.2 and Orb anyone?

I also tried Opera 4.2 with Orb but had much better luck with the built-in browser. It is working great once I got the correct streaming format set. I have watched live TV and recorded videos - they were acceptable considering the bandwidth limitations. Very cool option to have if you get stuck somewhere and want to kill some time.


Orb security?

Nothing has been posted on Orb in a while, so I wanted to ask a quick question.......

Does anyone know how secure Orb really is to use? Does it leave you any more vunerable than just browsing the web?

I set it to not allow access to my documents or my music (for now).

It is really amazing that you can stream webcams from different locations on your account directly through your Instinct's built in webbrowser (Opera 4.2 doesn't work for this because of their caching). Just set it up to do the 3gp streaming in settings and it works. This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I have three different cameras in different locations and can call them individually to see what is going on. Currently, one is a spy cam for my mischevious Old English Sheepdog.

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