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Opera Mini


Opera Mini

So, is there a signed version available now? When I go to with my Instinct browser, the website auto detects I have the Instinct and has the 4.2 version for me to download.

I don't want to lose all my bookmarks, but when I tried to save a picture from the internet after MR-6 I was told by Opera to use a signed version. I also can't seem to get anywhere with the Bolt browser.

Also, the options have changed now under the settings for programs. Now, you can only tell programs to ask each time, but there is permission to access GPS, which I think was a question a lot of people had.

I don't know, the Pre looks interesting, but I am curious if the developers out there will finally be able to correct some of the bugs remaining on Instinct? I have yet to be impressed with anything in the way of apps, but understand the restrictions, cost, blah, blah.

If there are any developers out there, please start mentioning some apps you are in the process of creating, because a lot of us are going to jump ship (now that we see the final MR-6 is a complete dud) otherwise and then you'll not be able to sell as many apps!


you have the previous firmware. The problem with downloading these apps occurred after MR6

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