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Password on Instinct


Password on Instinct

How do I unlock my phone if I forgot my password?


Re: Password on Instinct

First thing you need to do is download the unlocker,
Next you need to take the microSD card out...JUST IN CASE.
(while tryin unlock my phone i made a goof and erased everything on
my card). Now, plug your phone into your computer using the data cable. open the
unlocker program, when the unlocker opens go to and click the setup tab. Next
go to the device manager on your computer, and find the port that your phone is
using to connect to, ex: Samsung mobile modem diagnostic serial port (COM9).
change the com on the unlocker to match the one in the device manager, and then
click the read all tab on the unlocker. the 4 digit user lock code is on the
right hand side under sec. code (SPC).
You lock code is under the "Green" highlited box, In the pic provided for example it is "User Lock 0011"

(Sprint/Samsung have no way of doing it, They want you to send your phone to Samsung to reflash your phone)

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